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Learn about the power of HPA.


Who We Are

Health Partners America is an all-star team of professionals with acute experience in the realms of insurance, business development, and training. We are uniquely equipped to help brokers navigate the change presented by the new health care law. We are the best in the country at supporting and elevating brokers' prosperity through Training, Tools, and Technology.

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"HPA's solution has been, is, and will continue to be THE solution for agents to gain leverage through the ACA. There is no other system out there anywhere that comes close to what they have. From training to marketing materials, to actual private exchange sites - you just can't beat it. Any agent worth their salt would see this.”

Jay Jensen"Insight Benefits Group

What We Do

Custom Private Exchanges     Marketing Materials     Coaching Calls     Fulfillment Center

The mission of Health Partners America is to provide brokers with the Training, Tools, and Technology to take charge of the change. The recent changes in health insurance law present a huge opportunity for those who are prepared. We have a plan. Team up with Health Partners America and get started right away.

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"In my professional opinion, HPA should be the go-to source for employers, employees, policymakers and journalists who want to educate themselves about a matter of national significance.”

Michael Shaw "Columnist for Health News Digest

Who We Work With

Health Partners America is looking for agents who want to capitalize on changes introduced by health reform. We’ll team with you to help you become subject matter experts for employers and employees. We work with brokers across the nation who want to be change agents in their communities, who want to learn about the vast opportunities health reform offers to grow their business, and who are not afraid to embrace aggressive strategies. We give you technical, marketing and service support so you can concentrate on selling and building relationships.

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“I’ve seen other companies trying to provide private exchange sites –
but none of them are anywhere near HPA, with their training,
marketing materials, and support structure all teaching you
how to make money with the private exchange sites…”

Franklin Rutherford " Human Resource Manager