Open enrollment’s over, but there’s still plenty to sell

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The third annual open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act has now come to an end. We hope you had a successful three months. We just wanted to take a moment to remind brokers who have an online storefront through Health Partners America that January 31st should NOT mark the end of your selling season; in fact, with a private exchan... (read more)

Individual Mandate may be bigger incentive for young people to sign up

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As we near the January 31st deadline for 2016 health insurance coverage, you may be scrambling to find a few more people to send to your private exchange site, where they can sign up for coverage on or off the exchange with the help of a licensed agent. Here's an idea: focus on the penalty. People who are motivated by deadlines generally ar... (read more)

Squeeze in a few more individual sales with these email tips

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In last week’s Washington Update, the National Association of Health Underwriters published some advice for agents about sending one last email to their database before the end of the open enrollment period. The tips were put together by CMS and are included in the free Media and Public Awareness Toolkit. Here’s the part ... (read more)

Higher premiums don’t impact all consumers

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A recent Kaiser Health News article explains that rising premiums in the individual market don't impact all consumers in the same way. While most of us cringe at the thought of our monthly health insurance bill going up, people receiving a subsidy could actually pay less. Let us explain. As we learn in the article, HHS "reports that premium... (read more)

Supreme Court refuses to hear ACA constitutional challenge

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At this point most of us know that there are two possible ways to change or overturn the Affordable Care Act: through legislative action or a court ruling. Congress has tried unsuccessfully -- over 40 times now -- to repeal the ACA. It's not going to happen while President Obama is in office. So our legislators have had to settle for some m... (read more)





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