Cobra Vs. ACA

New Whitepaper: What To Do When You Lose Your Group Coverage

Released: April 2015

This very important 13-page document was written to help individuals and insurance agents better understand the different options available when someone becomes eligible for COBRA coverage.

Employee turnover rates vary significantly by industry, but all companies have it. And when an employee loses their job or moves on to greener pastures, most companies are required to offer the employee and his or her dependents the opportunity to continue their group coverage under the federal COBRA law.

However, COBRA isn’t the only option. HIPAA and the ACA provide alternatives to traditional COBRA coverage. This means employees could qualify for special enrollment periods and either enroll on another group health plan, or enroll in the individual marketplace. In this paper, we’ll compare these three options and explain what they mean for employees, employers, and health insurance brokers.

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