Defined Contribution… It’s Back!

New Whitepaper: Defined Contribution… It’s Back!

Released: August 2015

This very important 17-page document was written to help individuals and insurance agents better understand what’s going on with Defined Contribution.

Defined contribution is a concept that was originally applied to retirement plans. Several years ago, companies began transitioning away from “defined benefit” pension plans, opting instead to make “defined contributions” into individually owned accounts like 401(k) plans.

Now we’re seeing a similar development in group health insurance. Tired of dealing with unpredictable annual premium increases on their group health plans and the difficulty of selecting a “one-size-fits-all” benefit design for an increasingly diverse workforce, a growing number of large employers are beginning to offer “defined contribution” plans, often through a private exchange site that allows employees to learn about their options and enroll in their core and ancillary benefits online…

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