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Financial Consultants, CPA’s, & Accountants:

Financial Consultants, CPAs, Accountants

Financial Consultants, CPA’s, and Accountants do exceptionally well providing extra value to their customers while creating additional revenue by setting up a virtual storefront with Health Partners America! Here’s how:


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How Financial Consultants, CPA’s & Accountants are finding success with HPA:

  • Financial Consultants & Accountants (like you) partner with HPA to set up HPA-provided virtual storefront (think “online marketplace”) branded to your agency or to your client’s company.
  • Then, using HPA-provided marketing materials, you communicate to your existing client base that you have a means by which they can shop for and get quality health insurance in addition to easy access to your existing product portfolio.
  • You create another lead generator, as any inquiries for your existing products or services get routed directly to you.
  • You earn revenue on any policies (including renewals) sold on your behalf through the health insurance private exchange accessed through your virtual storefront! The best part is that you never have to sell one health policy, nor do you have to be licensed to sell health insurance. Health sales are made on your behalf by a team of licensed agents located in a world-class fulfillment center.

Why would you need or want an online storefront and private exchange site for your agency or clients?

Individuals and Business owners alike depend on and look to you for guidance and peace of mind regarding their financial situation.  While retirement, investments, and life insurance are staple topics you cover with your clients, more and more often you’re probably getting questions about healthcare, the Affordable Care Act, and how the recent changes affect your clients.  While individuals might be asking you about subsidies, business owners are asking you what to do about the never-ending cost increases and headaches associated with traditional Group Insurance. They don’t know what to do or what the best solution is for themselves, their company, or their families.

We know that none of this is new to you.  We also know that you know how to figure out (financially) what the best option is for each of your clients:

For the Individual – whether the individual should remain on their company’s group plan or whether it might be cheaper for them to get an individual plan – even if they don’t qualify for a subsidy because their company offers them a Group option…

For the Business owner – whether it would be cheaper for them to drop their group and pay the penalties or whether they should keep their group plan in place for the time-being…

What you may not know is how beneficial it is for you to have direct access to your own Private Exchange for your agency that you can make available to your clients (individuals and business owners alike).

Solutions for your clients who are business owners…

Whether it makes sense for your business owner clients to keep their group plan or if it makes sense for them to drop it – it makes sense for them to set up a company branded online marketplace with a private exchange. The reason for this is to ensure they have a solution for all their employees and not just for their “core” employees.  Core employees are the ones that happen to qualify for the company group plan. Private Health Exchange Keeping employees happy and satisfied is a high priority for business owners.  This includes non-core employees that fall into these categories:

  • Part-time workers
  • Seasonal workers
  • 1099’s
  • COBRA eligible
  • Retirees
  • Geographically disparate individuals

You, as their Financial Advisor, CPA or Accountant, benefit from keeping all the employees acting as a group and avoiding giving them reason to go elsewhere for any type of benefits.  Instead of telling your business owner clients to send the “non-core” employees to, set up a way for them to access a health insurance private exchange (via an online marketplace), branded to their company, and help communicate to their company that they should go to their company site to find health insurance, as well as other types of benefits. The sites can be set up so that any service or product inquiries (like financial services, life insurance, etc.)  other than health go directly to you for handling.

The business owner will thank YOU for providing this solution for them.

Since most employees look to their employer for direction when it comes to health insurance, they will naturally follow their lead and, more importantly, appreciate the guidance and look favorably on their employer for not “leaving them hanging” (especially those non-core team members).  The business owner will thank YOU for providing this solution for them.  Additionally – if ever it does make sense for the company to drop their group plan, they will already have a system in place via the company site that you set up for them where they can direct their team to shop for individual health insurance.

Again, while the health leads can be routed to a world-class fulfillment center, you can choose (per site) whether you handle any other lead types yourself – or whether you want the fulfillment center to handle them on your behalf.  Whatever they handle and sell on your behalf, you earn revenue on it. It’s a win-win-win. Your alternative is to turn your clients away when they ask you about health, dental, vision, accident or other types of coverage you or your firm don’t handle. Having an affordable, professional virtual storefront with a private exchange site for your agency solves this issue, provides a one-stop-shop for your clients, and earns you additional revenue!

Smaller companies that might not find it feasible to have their own unique site can simply be directed to your (or your firm’s) virtual storefront & private exchange site (whether that’s a Financial Consulting Agency, CPA/Accounting firm, etc.).

How much money are we talking?

This is a volume solution and is profitable when the sites can be marketed to a high volume of clients. This isn’t for your one’sy or two’sy intermittent sales, and this is why it’s an ideal solution for those of you who already have a solid book of business and/or relationships with clients who are business owners.



The rest was (and still is) on auto-pilot. He has sold over 200 policies (about $43,185 in monthly premium)… All this activity would have been handled by otherwise – which wouldn’t have paid him anything.

One HPA Partner who is a Financial Consultant focuses primarily on contract and temporary employees through working with staffing firms. Without the virtual storefront solution this Partner provides these companies, they would otherwise not provide benefits to their team members. This Partner chooses to route all lead types for these companies directly to the fulfillment center for handling. This allowed him to focus on his business as usual once he set up the sites and helped communicate their purpose to the companies and teams with whom he works. The rest was (and still is) on auto-pilot. He has sold over 200 policies (about $43,185 in monthly premium) through this strategy. All this activity would have been handled by otherwise – which wouldn’t have paid him anything. Having this solution for health insurance enables the staffing companies to stand out from their competitors.


What about those marketing materials?

HPA’s marketing materials are already created and market-tested. They’re in the form of flyers, brochures, mail stuffers, emails, social media posts, and more – all ready for your contact information (including the web address to your site and coinciding toll-free number) – and readily accessible 24/7 via HPA’s exclusive “Partner Portal.”


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