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Life Insurance Brokers

Life Insurance Brokers

Life Insurance Brokers have a fantastic opportunity to give a more complete and thorough service offering to their clients! Here’s how:

Life Insurance Brokers

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How Life Insurance Brokers Make Money with HPA:

  • Life Insurance Brokers partner with HPA to set up an HPA-provided Private Exchange site, branded to their agency.
  • Then, using HPA-provided marketing materials, they communicate to their existing client base that they have a means by which their clients can shop for not only the services and products they already offer them, but also for quality health insurance (as well as lots of other coverage like dental, vision, etc.).
  • They then earn *commission on any policies (including renewals) sold on their behalf through their Private Exchange site! The best part is that they never have to sell one health policy themselves. Health sales are made on their behalf by a team of licensed agents located in a world-class fulfillment center.


Why would you need or want a Private Exchange Site for Your Agency?

Your clients – both individuals and business clients, depend on and look to you for guidance and peace of mind regarding their life insurance situation. While retirement, investments, and life insurance are staple topics you cover with your clients, more and more often you’re probably getting questions about healthcare, the Affordable Care Act, and how the recent changes affect your clients. Instead of you having to become an expert in the health insurance realm, you should stay focused on your primary line of business (Life Insurance) and refer the rest to subject matter experts to ensure your clients receive the best solution for themselves, their company, or their families.

Setting up a Private Exchange site not only drives more life leads to you, but also adds convenience for your customers as they experience a more robust product portfolio all in one location. HPA Private Exchange sites are versatile, allowing you to choose how you want any type of lead handled except for health leads. For example, when your clients (or prospects) want to purchase health insurance from your site, the sale will be handled by the fulfillment center. However, when they select life insurance, it can be set up so that those leads are sent directly to you for handling. Either way – you earn commissions on anything coming through your site*.

Your alternative is to turn your clients away when they ask you about health, dental, vision, accident or other types of coverage. Having an affordable, professional Private Exchange site for your agency solves this issue and earns you additional commission!


What about those marketing materials?

HPA’s marketing materials are already created and market-tested. They’re in the form of flyers, brochures, mail stuffers, emails, social media posts, and more – all ready for your contact information (including the web address to your site and coinciding toll-free number) – and readily accessible 24/7 via HPA’s exclusive “Partner Portal.”


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