We are building a strong community with our company and with our partners by putting others first. Health Partners America is committed to being innovative. We are leading the way in today's ever changing marketplace.


About Health Partners America

Since 2007, Health Partners America has been providing game-changing tools, training, and technology designed to assist insurance brokers nation-wide (as well as others involved in the employee benefits industry), as they work with their employer clients to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Most of these services are provided on a subscription basis, although HPA also provides some services on a nonrecurring fee basis. As well, HPA has, through its business partners, negotiated relationships with health insurance providers which allow it to provide beneficial premium rates to its subscriber brokers – all resulting in commission income for the brokers and HPA.

HPA provides call center services and health insurance “exchanges” (otherwise known as “online marketplaces”) that allow employees to sign up for insurance coverage online from a variety of carriers. The healthcare exchanges also provide eligible employees with the ability to apply for ACA subsidies.

HPA’s model is unrivaled as an aggregation strategy. The vast majority of employed Americans have long acted as “group consumers” whose employers controlled the health insurance buying decision. As employer sponsored groups are cancelled, or as employees opt out due to more attractive market alternatives in the individual health insurance marketplaces, aggregation becomes a market obstacle. HPA’s model catches these Americans in employer branded exchanges, strong association exchanges, or other resounding and already entrenched brand exchanges to keep them buying like a group, but as individuals through HPA provided exchange sites through our broker partners. It is HPA’s position and timing that allows HPA partners to own the initial transition, and the annually recurring revenue and residual commission associated with this multi-billion dollar shift.