Another Live TV Show to Promote the ACA

Well, they tried it in California, so now Orlando’s going to take a stab at it – a TV show aimed at promoting the health reform legislation. At least this one doesn’t sound quite as ridiculous as the last one…

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that WFTV-Channel 9 in Orlando will air a one-hour prime-time special tonight at 8pm about the Affordable Care Act. To make room for the show, the network is moving tonight’s new episodes of The Middle and Suburgatory to Saturday night from 7 to 8pm.

Called “Health Evolution,” the show will be presented as a panel discussion with representatives from Florida Hospital, Florida Blue and Orlando Health on the panel, which will be facilitated by Greg Warmoth and Vanessa Welch.

The station’s General Manager, Shawn Bartelt, says that the show will not get into the politics of the law but rather is aimed at “informing…viewers about significant changes in health care.”

Viewers can chime in and ask questions via social media and the station’s live chat feature.

What does this mean for brokers?

HPA has a number of partners in Florida, so we wanted to make sure they were aware of tonight’s program. While shows like this are unlikely to attract a lot of viewers, those who are seeking information prior to the March 31st open enrollment deadline might decide to tune in (especially if they were hoping to watch The Middle or Suburgatory). If not, they’re still likely to see clips of the show on the channel 9 news broadcast. It’s never a bad idea for brokers to have an idea about the type of information their clients and prospects are hearing.

Programs like this are aimed at educating individuals about their responsibilities under the individual mandate and the government assistance they might qualify for, but they usually don’t usually provide a lot of information that will be beneficial to employers, who are scrambling to figure out whether they should offer coverage next year or not.

To help with that decision, HPA has a new tool called the Insight Catalyst Report (ICR) which provides valuable information to employers of all sizes. This tool is only available to HPA Partners. While most play or pay calculators focus on the employer’s bottom line, the ICR considers not only the premium and penalties but also the impact the employer’s decision will have on employees. Since employers offer benefits as a recruitment and retention tool, knowing which employees might qualify for a subsidy and whether there will be a backlash if the employer continues to offer group health coverage is critical to the employer’s decision.

Visit here to learn more about the ICR and Private Exchange opportunity.

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