Marketplace glitches give procrastinators a second chance

We’re all guilty of it from time – PROCRASTINATING.

Usually this bad habit comes back to bite us, but the almost complete failure of the government’s marketplace rollout has given brokers who haven’t yet developed an individual solution for their clients a unique opportunity to catch up with their better-prepared counterparts.

For months we’ve been saying that brokers need to hurry up and figure out how they’re going to handle the volume when employers begin dumping their group health coverage and sending their employees to the individual marketplace. Most independent agents just aren’t set up to help all of those employees, which is why HPA provides our partners with the opportunity to divert leads to a world-class call center that can answer people’s questions and help them apply for a government subsidy and enroll in a qualified plan.

Brokers who weren’t set up by October 1st should have been at a serious disadvantage, but the inability of HHS and a number of states to get their exchange sites up and running properly has given these agents just a little more time. So if you’re one of the agents who failed to act in advance, the government’s given you a second chance to develop a plan of action. But you do need to move quickly – eventually HHS will get its act together and get the bugs worked out, and when they do, the demand for these subsidized plans will be huge.

Brokers who already have a private exchange site set up are busy talking with employers and scheduling a time to come visit with the employees about their options. As soon as HHS can handle the volume, these brokers will begin enrolling people in subsidized plans through their customized website. If you haven’t yet learned about this solution, why not take a look today? You can sign up here for a free webinar to learn how you can offer employers a solution that won’t require you to sit down face to face with every single employee.

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