Need Leads? Target County Employees.

We know everyone’s rushing to get out of the office early today, so we’ll keep this short. We just wanted to share a news story with you about a new but predictable trend. An article in the Carolina Journal discusses the findings of a recent survey of county and municipal governments: they, too, are cutting hours and cutting jobs due to the health reform legislation.

The article spotlights three counties in North Carolina that are all struggling with the Affordable Care Act. One has seen costs go up by $1.2 million in the past three years; another has reduced the hours for 367 workers so they’ll continue to be classified as part time; and a third has had to eliminate retiree benefits for new employees due to rising health care costs.

These findings aren’t unique to North Carolina but rather part of a growing national trend according to Devon Herrick, senior fellow and health economist for the National Center for Policy Analysis. Herrick has conducted his own survey and says that the slashing of workers’ hours not only among counties but also colleges, small towns, and cities is “impressive.”

So that’s another source of leads for brokers who are directing employees who have lost their health coverage to their private exchange website. Not only are these part-time county employees not offered coverage at work, they’re also making less money due to the reduction in work hours. That, of course, increases the chance that they will qualify for a government subsidy.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’ll see you next week.

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