Need marketing content? Here are some ideas.

The hardest thing about selling insurance isn’t selling insurance. It is the most time-consuming thing, which is why Health Partners America offers a private exchange paired with a world-class call center that can take care of the tedious one-on-one sales. But most experienced agents know that finding qualified prospects and peaking their interest enough to get them to listen to your sales pitch is the real challenge. Knocking on doors and dialing for dollars isn’t very fun, so a lot of agents turn to search engine optimization, newsletters, email campaigns, and more. All of those activities, though, require content, and thinking of fresh ideas isn’t easy, so we thought we would help. Here are a few ways to provide valuable content that doesn’t seem too salesy.

Awareness Months

Nowadays, there are a million different “awareness months” that are designed to make people aware of important social and health issues. For example, May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and is also Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. During awareness months, people should have a heightened interest in learning about how to detect and prevent these conditions, so any article that provides some helpful tips will be well-received. But learning about the prevalence of some of these conditions could also help people understand the importance of protecting themselves financially in case someone in their family is diagnosed with one of them, and that is definitely an insurance agent’s job. If you do choose to include information about skin cancer or asthma and allergies in May or AIDS in June or traumatic brain injury in September, it’s worth pointing out to people that not everything is preventable. Sometimes life happens, and when it does, insurance is there to protect you. For a complete list of awareness days, weeks, and months, visit the Psychology Today website.

Celebrity Illnesses

Unfortunately, sometimes our favorite stars get sick, and when they do, some of them go public about their ordeal in order to raise awareness. Michael J. Fox has raised awareness about Parkinson’s Disease. Christopher Reeve raised awareness about spinal cord injury. And Christina Applegate raised awareness about breast cancer when she had a double mastectomy. It’s sad when anyone gets sick, and people are definitely entitled to their privacy, but when a public figure tells his or her story in order to help others, repeating their story, encouraging people to get a checkup, and providing people with financial protection in case something unexpected does happen is not only acceptable but also effective.

Public Policy Changes

For anyone looking for content, it’s worth keeping an eye on the headlines. No, not the celebrity gossip pages, which is where most people get their news, but rather the boring political stuff that nobody reads. Sometimes there are rule changes that people would actually like to hear about if you can just put it on their radars. In the same way that health-related articles are often well-received, reports about anything that could hit them in the pocketbook – both positive and negative – will get a lot of attention.

Tell Them What You Do

Last but not least, be sure to tell them what you do. Let them know about your private exchange site for individual health insurance and any other products or services you offer. This in itself is a story, one that they or someone they know might be interested in. When you talk about the solutions you provide, sharing a short real-life story can be very effective. It helps readers relate and think about other people they should tell about your services.

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to manage your time during the “off season.” A lot of brokers feel they should be doing something to make a sale, and if they’re not they’re not earning any money. But the sales we make in the fall and winter are directly related to our marketing efforts in the spring and summer, so use this time wisely. Building a growing list of loyal followers by sharing great content that ultimately makes people more likely to buy insurance is a pretty good use of your time.

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