New Article: what consumers need to know about exchanges

Brokers have a pretty good understanding about the new individual marketplace, but consumers certainly don’t. And they’re going to be flooded with info in the next few days, not just from brokers but from the media as well. Some reports will be pro health reform while others will be very anti-Obamacare.

Since many people are just learning about the law and about the exchanges for the first time, it’s helpful to see what they’re reading – and what they’re thinking.

In a Yahoo! News article posted today entitled Health care exchanges open Tuesday: What you need to know, the author answers such questions as:

  • What is the health insurance exchange?
  • Do I have to buy health insurance on the exchange?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How do people enroll?
  • Can the insurance prices change?
  • Will the enrollment website work?

What’s really interesting is that, just 6 hours after the article was published, it already had nearly 2,500 comments. Clearly, this is a topic that now, at long last, has people’s attention.

So scroll through the comments – it may give you an idea of the kind of response you’ll get as you begin talking with people about the government’s exchange. And it may give you some ideas about how to position your private exchange solution as a much more user-friendly alternative.

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