No Need to Market in South Florida – Everyone’s Already Enrolled

Every once in a while you see a stat that you just can’t help but question. Like this one:

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Source: Google

Well, today we have a similar statistic from the benefits world: nearly 100% of eligible consumers in South Florida have signed up for Obamacare. See for yourself:

South Florida
Source: Miami Herald

Really? 100%? That sounds like a pretty high enrollment number. And if the report didn’t come from the Kaiser Family Foundation, we might question its validity.

It’s still pretty hard to believe, but the Kaiser Family Foundation is a reputable organization that puts together some great information, so instead of questioning their findings, we thought it would beneficial to see what we can learn from their report.

The Miami Herald investigates the report’s findings and credits the “intense marketing and outreach during open enrollment” for the successful enrollment numbers. As Milton Vazquez, Florida spokesman for nonprofit Enroll America, explains, “People who sit down with an in-person assister are twice as likely to enroll than someone who just does the application themselves,” and “Those visits are powerful enough to move the needle.”

The article goes on to point out that “There was no shortage of in-person assistance in South Florida, where enrollment counselors were just as likely to set up shop inside insurance agencies as they were to pop up inside malls and barber shops.”

The Lesson

So what can we learn from the enrollment success in South Florida?

Most importantly, the report proves that high enrollment numbers are possible – it just takes some well-organized marketing efforts.

Second, it illustrates how important it is to have someone that people can talk to during the enrollment process. While face-to-face conversations may be more effective, the average insurance agent doesn’t have a team of enrollers who can help them blanket a ten-county area, so the next best thing is to have licensed experts available by phone to walk people through the enrollment process.

That’s exactly what HPA does – it gives agents the ability to spend their time on the outreach and marketing efforts and provides not only the technology but the enrollment assistance that will allow brokers to sign up exponentially more individuals than they every could on their own. In short, HPA’s individual private exchange solution turns brokers into a marketing machine – you generate the leads, we’ll get them signed up.

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