Open Enrollment begins today! Are you ready?

HPA has been eagerly anticipating the opening of the state and federally run exchanges. Our pathways to tie into these exchanges have been discussed in our Industry Updates and other webinars for the past few months.

We will attempt to answer many of your questions, but keep in mind there will be several changes and system failures as all of these new systems are rolled out.

First, be patient! None of the coverage involving subsidies and the new market rules can be issued with effective dates before Jan 1. There will be time to get all of the systems on track before then – and HPA will help you!

In order to help you be prepared here are some answers to a few FAQs:

Q: What will my consumers experience on my HPA powered exchange look like on 10/1?
A: This will depend on the state that the consumer is requesting a quote from and the lead routing you have chosen. The Federally Facilitated states have approved both of our Quote Engine vendors as Web Based Entities (WBEs). Any quote request from a federally facilitated state for someone with a lower income will be able to have the whole process take place on their site (provided they have completed certification and appointments with the carriers if they are routing leads to themselves and have Norvax or Quote it accounts). The states that are running their own exchanges will be more of a toss-up depending on how many of the carriers are ready and have their secure links to the subsidies in place.

HPA will be auditing all of the states and the systems as soon as we have access to them 10/1 and will make all of the necessary changes ASAP. We will be providing all our Partners with a State by State Exchange Guide as soon as one is available – and will update it weekly (or more). All private exchange sites provided by HPA will see a new section called “Healthcare Reform,” which will replace the “Are you getting your benefits tax free?” section. (Note to current Partners: If you do NOT see this update on your exchange site(s), please contact us immediately at 205-949-9736.)

Q: What should I be doing right now?
A: I would suggest telling your clients that they should let any of the kinks get worked out of the system in October and use the sites in November and December to get their coverage for January. There will be new Health Reform informational tools available on the HPA powered exchanges starting 10/1.

Q: What will make the implementation smoothest/easiest?
A: Routing all health leads to the call center will insure your clients will be taken care of regardless of which state they call from or if you have completed certification or appointments with the right carriers.

Q: What carriers and states is the call center prepared for?
A: See spreadsheet

Q: Where do I send specific questions for my site/strategy?
A: 205-949-9736;

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