Open enrollment’s over, but there’s still plenty to sell

The third annual open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act has now come to an end. We hope you had a successful three months. We just wanted to take a moment to remind brokers who have an online storefront through Health Partners America that January 31st should NOT mark the end of your selling season; in fact, with a private exchange there is no selling season – you can make sales all year long. The reason is because your online storefront is stocked with lots of other products that can be sold anytime; they aren’t limited to a three-month sign-up period.

What this means is that there’s plenty to keep you busy during the 9 months in-between health insurance enrollment periods. And, just like with health insurance, you don’t need to make those sales personally; all you have to do is direct people to the website and the call center will do the rest.

Brokers who work with HPA report less stress because they don’t have to sit down one-on-one with each client to uncover needs, recommend solutions, and help with the paperwork – the call center does that for them. That frees up the brokers’ time to do what they do best: finding new prospects. The private exchange puts your business on auto-pilot so that you can make sales without lifting a finger.

If you don’t yet have your own online storefront, what are you waiting for? Here’s the link to learn more.

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