The Dog Days of Summer

It sure is quiet. No recent final rules. No major ACA delays. Nobody screaming about cancelled policies. No gigantic website malfunctions. Some would even call it peaceful.

About the biggest thing going right now is still the Hobby Lobby case. While Republicans continue to praise the Supreme Court’s ruling, Democrats are busy preparing a bill that would overturn it – a bill that has about as much chance of passing the GOP-controlled House as the Republican bills to repeal the ACA have of passing the Democrat-led Senate. This bill, just like the Republican bills, is simply being introduced for political reasons – it will allow Democrats to say that the reproductive health of women shouldn’t be determined by five men.

With no earth-shattering news of late, brokers might be getting ancy. We’ve become so accustomed to everything changing every few days that we’re not quite sure what to do with ourselves when things stay the same. But this is really the time that brokers should be busy preparing for the fall. There are a few items that should be on your to-do list:

First, you should take this opportunity to read the final rules – we have most of them now. If you’ll take a look at the final rules on the individual mandate, the subsidies, the market reforms, and the employer shared responsibility requirement, that’ll give you most of the information you need. Sure, the material is a little dry, but weren’t you already bored? Getting through this information will give you a much better understanding of the law and make you more confident when talking to prospective clients.

Second, you should be lining up prospects. We’re in-between open enrollment periods right now, so outside of special enrollments there aren’t a lot of sales to be made, but most successful brokers will tell you that they don’t wait until enrollment time to start knocking on doors. You need to do that now.

Finally, you need to get your technology solution set up. The government already has its solution, and, after a major overhaul, will work even better this fall. You need to have something similar. Correction, you need to have something better. The good news is that we have that solution for you. Take a look.

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