What do private exchanges and Christmas trees have in common?

Go to just about any grocery store, and you’re likely to see lots of stuff for sale out in front of the store, things that really have nothing to do with groceries. Depending on the time of year, you might find patio furniture, plants, firewood, or Christmas trees. You’re also likely to see some sort of mechanical ride for kids, maybe a Redbox machine, and possibly a payphone or an ATM machine.

Why would they pile all that stuff on the sidewalk when it doesn’t really have anything to do with their core business? The answer is simple: they have the space, their customers want some of those items, and they can earn a lot of extra money with very little additional effort. Makes sense, right?

That’s sort of the idea behind an individual private exchange site. You might not specialize in individual health insurance and may not want to take the time to learn about it. Perhaps you sell group health, worksite products, Medicare products, or property and casualty insurance. Whatever you do, you probably have customers who need individual health insurance or who at least know someone who needs it. So why not give them a way to buy it?

A private exchange site is a website that allows customers to compare their individual options and consult with a licensed agent to get help signing up for coverage and applying for a tax credit. And, best of all, you get paid! It doesn’t take any extra effort; all you need to do is share your website address with your clients and prospects. So why wouldn’t you do that?

Grocery stores sell Christmas trees in December, even though it’s not their primary revenue source, and brokers should sell individual plans during the annual open enrollment period. It starts in just a few weeks, so don’t delay. Learn more today.

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