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Is HPA a Private Exchange?

Released: January 2016 | What is exactly consitutes a private exchange? Does HPA fit the bill?

Words To Live By During This Year’s Open Enrollment Period

Released: November 2015 | Some key points to remember during this year’s open enrollment.

The Top 7 Reasons P&C Agents Should Sell Individual Health

Released: September 2015 | Done dismissing individual health – not until you consider all the great reasons you should add it to your portfolio.

Defined Contribution is Back!

Released: August 2015 | The Return of Defined Contribution and what that means for you.

King vs. Burwell

Released: June 2015 | This White Paper goes into the details of the case and the many possible outcomes.

2015 Transition Relief

Released: April 2015 | Provide better advice about the transition into ACA-compliant plans and the law’s employer mandate.

What To Do When You Lose Your Group Coverage

Released: April 2015 | Helps individuals by defining the different options they have when becoming COBRA eligible.

Understanding Special Enrollment Periods

Released: October 2014 | This document was written to help health insurance agents advise clients who have a qualifying event.

Health Insurance Options for Small Employers

Released: September 2014 | Small employers need real options as they face a multitude of changes on their next renewal date.

10 ACA FAQs For Individuals and Families

Released: July 2014 | This document was written to help agents and brokers answer some of the most common questions their clients are asking.

10 ACA FAQs For Small Employers

Released: June 2014 | This document was written to help agents and brokers answer some of the most common questions their small employer clients are asking.

How to Generate Leads and Make More Money

Released: May 2014 | Employers have questions; this whitepaper shows you how you can respond confidently with their options for health benefits.

No-Cost Employee Benefits

Released: May 2014 | In this document, insurance agents and employers are given some ideas to increase the return on investment of an employee benefits package.

Getting Leads from Non-Traditional Sources

Released: April 2014 | Open Enrollment has ended; how are you going to generate revenue throughout the year? Find out more about private exchanges.

Private Exchanges: A Better Marketplace

Released: January 2014 | This 12-page document describes a private-market solution for consumers shopping for individual health insurance coverage.

Role of Agents, Brokers, and Web-brokers in Health Insurance Marketplaces

Released: August 2013 | What is the role of agents and brokers in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace? What does it mean for HPA? Find out.

Calculating the Real ROI from Private Exchanges

Released: July 2013 | NOW is the time to learn how a private exchange can help your organization. Get ready to offer your employees and clients an easy, simple solution for health benefits!

Using Private Exchanges to Secure Your Book and Grow Your Agency

Released: June 2013 | Offer a fresh, new service for your clients. Prepare for the increased demand regarding private exchanges and ramp up your revenue!